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NV-SRAM is designed to convert one-to-one non-volatile data into static data and vice versa. When the NV-SRAM is in the normal operation with active power the read/write functions of NV-SRAM are the same as those of a conventional SRAM.


To initialize the NV-SRAM with chip power on, the integrated LGNVM device in the NV-SRAM cell load the non-volatile data directly into the correspondent SRAM device. With the non-volatile data loading speed of 32 GB/s for the present design  our NV-SRAM can greatly shorten the turn-on time for digital circuitries. In case of chip power failure, the SRAM data can be stored back to the correspondent LGNVM device in the NV-SRAM cell using the power from a discharging capacitor or a small back-up battery. The non-volatile store speed for the present NV-SRAM is .4 MB/s for the 110 nm devices and improves to 3.2 MB/s for the 55 nm devices.


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